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Poles together 

missing link between Arctic and Antarctic early Earth record


The project 'PAAN Poles together - missing links between Arctic and Antarctic early Earth records' received funds within the GRIEG competition funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (No. of agreement: UMO-2019/34/H/ST10/00619).

Through a combination of expedition work together with geochemical and geochronological investigations, the PAAN project will deliver breakthrough science by unlocking significant new information about Earth’s early history, especially with respect to the formation and evolution of continental crust.



Dr. Lars Eivind Augland

Principal Investigator, geochronologist

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Prof. Rafał Szaniawski

Geophysical Investigator

Dr. Daniel Dunkley

Geochemical Investigator








Marcin Zimny

Project manager

Dr. Rikke Vestergaard

Postdoctoral researcher

Marcin Ruszczak

Technical support

Dr. Piotr Król


Marcin Mieszczak

PhD student

Tanmay Keluskar

PhD student





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