Warsaw, Poland, ul. Księcia Janusza 64



Interdisciplinary Laboratory specialized in the preperation and analysis of rock and mineral samples


     The scope of work of the GeoBeLa Laboratory includes:


  • Rock crushing
  • Sieving for various fractions
  • Dust removal
  • Accessory mineral separation
  • Preparation of mounts for isotope analysis
  • Mineral imaging and petrography in transmitted, reflected and ultraviolet light and 
  • Microscopic photographic documentation


   GeoBeLa equipment: 


  • Zeiss Primotech petrographic microscope with PC for thin section examination
  • Zeiss Axioscope 5 petrographic microscope with PC for thin section examination
  • Zeiss Stemi 508 binocular microscope
  • Rock crusher, fitted with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to extract dust 
  • Sieve and shaker to separate crushed samples 
  • Geochemical fume cupboard with carbon filter attachment for work with hazardous chemicals
  • Drying oven for drying samples